The Association of Real Estate Companies, by its abbreviations AEI, was established on October 24, 1989 with the objective of grouping in its bosom those companies dedicated to the real estate business. Its objectives were among others:

    We identify ourselves corporately by a dignified and honorable procedure with all our associates, established by our own convictions and through our Code of Ethics and our Statutes.

    Regulate and create the bases for the realization of joint ventures
    Avoid unfair competition through its conciliatory power of disciplinary order
    Promote cooperation among its members
    Disseminate information to keep its members updated
    Offer technical assistance through courses and workshops
    Try to achieve uniformity in the forms and documents that are used in carrying out operations
    Support the legitimate interests of its members by providing the necessary professional assistance and guidance

Classification of the membership:

Product of the statutory modification made at the Ordinary Assembly of August 10, 2015, the Association is composed of three categories of members, are classified as follows:

    MAIN MEMBERS: Conformed by brokers, agents and real estate companies that have complied with the provisions of these Statutes.
    ALLIED MEMBERS: They are those moral persons linked to the sector.
    HONORARY MEMBERS: Are those natural or moral persons distinguished as such by the Board of Directors.

Mrs. Claudia Castillo current president of the AEI and Mr. Angel Hazin President of Pineapple Real Estate receiving certificate in real estate management

With this classification, it was sought to allow within each category independent brokers, persons and companies linked to the sector, and individuals recognized as distinguished by their contribution to the activity, to participate within the Association.
Our mission as an association

We are a non-profit legal entity, organized according to the guidelines of Law No. 520 of 1920, which brings together in a large proportion, most of the real estate companies in the country, whose main activity is the brokerage and administration of real estate.

Our efforts are directed towards companies affiliated to our association and society with the aim of serving as an intermediary and facilitator in the relationships of the companies that make up the real estate sector, trying to avoid unfair competition, putting into practice the fundamentals prescribed in our Code of ethics.

In our portfolio of service to our associates, we visualize promoting training, training and development of real estate agents through specialized courses, seminars, conferences and programs in the real estate field, with the clear objective of improving quality and competitiveness of their activities through the exchange of knowledge, information and business opportunities.

Promote strategic contacts and affiliations with other national and international entities linked to the main activity of each of its members, which contribute to their benefit, putting the collective interest before the private interest.

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