Many have argued about whether it belongs to Puerto Plata or Monte Cristi, perhaps confused by the fame that has had the main access point to the key, Punta Rusia, which does start in the province of Puerto Plata and belongs to it, however, Cayo Arena do not.I invite you to take a look at the map that I cut -with a lot of love- from Google Maps, for this publication, but I invite you to be curious and visit the place through the internet, out of curiosity.Its extension, that of the cay, varies according to the mood of the waves, remembering that the Atlantic Ocean is quite impressive (as far as current is concerned); sometimes it is more exposed and others more submerged.
The road is a little long, but we could make it more pleasant and interesting, making technical stops to have a coffee, socialize a little with the communities on the way, make good photos and get to know other landscapes, why not? When we get to Punta Rucia -no matter the time, whenever there is sunlight-, we will take a boat to the key that is located more to the northwest, about 30 minutes offshore. 

There they allow us to last about 2:30 hours -always with their 'ñapita' included- so that we can fully enjoy this beautiful gift of nature.These excursions include the provision of snorkeling equipment or you can carry yours with flats, so that you have more power when traveling; also a snack of tropical fruits and national drinks (eye with alcohol plus sun), as a complement.Exploring the corals we will see an enriched representation of marine life, literally impressive, like one of those programs of the cable television in HD, but in flesh and blood; coral plants full of life, sometimes mammals like the manatee and colorful fish, of more than five types like: the parrot or parrot: main product of our beaches, which is forbidden to fish them and must be protected by all of us. Definitely, so that you can understand me, you must live it!


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